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MP2014 – Press table

Press table of the latest generation,complying with FIFA / UEFA guidelines, turns out to be the perfect space for press and web journalists and video reporters. On the top we have a metal cable gland with, upon request, TV, internet, phone and electrical outlets. Ideal for installation on rising platforms to compensate the insufficient depth of the step and create a large passage between the rows.  DIMENSIONS:
depth 600 mmwidth 2 seater station 1800 mm
center-to-center distance 90 mmwidth 3 seater station 2700 mm
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MP2021 – Press station

OMSI press station Mod.MP2021 revisits the reporters workspaces with the utmost rationality and functionality, it has a clean and elegant design and extremely reduced overall dimensions. The peculiarity of this product is the innovative folding joint for the worktop, completely in polyamide, resistant to atmospheric agents and particularly suitable for areas with high humidity and salt concentration. The joint is equipped with a rubber braking device to control the closing movement of the top. Fixed top is also available upon request. The supporting structure in FE360 steel is composed of two lateral legs in 80 x 40 mm metal tube connected by a welded 80 x 30 mm tubular beam. The 8 mm thick metal sheet feet have 2 fixing points each and are welded to the side legs. The worktop is in HPL (ideal for outdoor and humid areas), size 460 x 300 x 10 mm.  The modules proposed are for 2 and 3 stations. All metal parts are finished with cataphoresis and gray powder paint R9006. The station is fixed directly on the step tread by means of M8 / M10 expansion anchors. DIMENSIONS:
total depth with folded top 170 mmworktop width 460 mm
total depth with open top 370 mmworktop thickness 10 mm
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Commentary station

2/3-seater radio/TV commentators station with fixed wooden top, dimensionally complying with the recommendations of FIFA / UEFA.  Simple design, clean and elegant, extremely functional; equipped with housing for monitor (1 each station), partition and electrical / internet sockets. Ideal the combination with 3 individual swivel seats M2013/2012. DIMENSIONS:
depth 700/800 mm
3 seater station width 2100 mm
center-to-center distance 700 mm
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Seats for press station

 Wide range of seats, ideal for press stations, suitable for any installation conditions:
  • swivel pedestal
  • fixed pedestal
  • riser mounted
  • directly on the concrete step
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