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Caravaggio – Tip up seat for sports facilities

Caravaggio the new seat by Pininfarina was designed to offer spectators a solution focused on design, elegance and quality, creating an aesthetically harmonious product, but also extremely comfortable and functional, characterized by simple and essential lines, although sophisticated, the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. A project inspired by innovation, technological research and great attention to the environment, Caravaggio is a tip up seat with a polypropylene seat and backrest and supporting structure in polyamide. Possibility of armrests and padding. Tip up seat which meets FIFA / UEFA recommendations and approved by FIBA DIMENSIONS:
width 450 mmoverall dimensions with seat open 490 mm
minimum distance between centers 450 mmoverall dimensions with seat closed 200 mm
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M2020 – Sport facilities seat

M2020 is a brand new bucket seat in polypropylene,  Italian design, with a high back, characterized by harmonious aesthetics and modern ergonomics. Its solid base with transverse / longitudinal reinforcement ribs allows the spectator to enjoy the sporting event in maximum comfort, without sacrificing quality and reliability. Its main peculiarity is its versatility, in fact its depth can vary from 320 up to 400 mm, making it adaptable to most existing or newly built steps. DIMENSIONS:
back height 330 mm
depth 320/350/400 mm
width 420 mm
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M2016 – Tip up seat for sports facilities

M2016 is a revolutionary tip-up of the latest generation; thanks to its size and its tech- nical qualities it can be used in all areas of a stadium, also where the characteristics of the step do not allow the installation of folding seats, all this without compromising design, comfort, strength and technical performance.  Polypropylene seat and back, polyamide structure; injection moulded. Tip up seat which meets FIFA / UEFA recommendations and FIBA homologated DIMENSIONS:
width 445 mm
depth with closed seat 100 mm
depth with open seat 450 mm
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M2013 – Tip up seat for sports facilities

Modern tip up seat composed of a structure in reinforced polyamide, seat and back are in polypropylene, it is ideal for climate areas with high humidity or high salinity, the frame is in fact free of exposed metal. The main characteristic of the seat are the reduced dimensions, 150 mm depth in folded position. Armrests and upholstery eventually available. Tip up seat which meets FIFA / UEFA recommendations and FIBA homologated DIMENSIONS:
width 480 mm
depth with folded seat 150 mm
depth with open seat 500 mm
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M2012 – Tip up seat for sports facilities

Tip up seat with clean and minimal design, comfortable, versatile, composed of a strong supporting structure particularly suitable for saline and high humidity environments, seat and back in  polypropylene. Armrests and upholstery eventually available. Tip up seat which meets FIFA / UEFA recommendations and approved by FIBA DIMENSIONS:
width 470 mm
depth with folded seat 300 mm
depth with open seat 490 mm
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M2000 – Sport facilities seat

M2000 is a polypropylene stadium seat with high backrest which grants the user to enjoy the sport event in the maximum comfort without sacrificing strength and reliability, thanks also to the thicknesses, which reach up to 20 mm and make it the strongest and most durable on the market. Dimensionally complying with FIFA/UEFA recommendations. 2/4/6 fixing points DIMENSIONS:
width 420 mm
back height 320 mm
depth 400 mm
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M90 – Sport facilities seat

Polypropylene seat, without backrest. Its shape allows the user to enjoy the sport event in total comfort, without sacrificing strength and durability thanks to the 2 fixing points and the numerous ribs underneath the seat.  DIMENSIONS:
height 110 mm
depth 350 mm
width 400 mm
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Riser mounted polyamide bracket

The design of the riser mounted polyamide bracket first started to give an alternative or even replace the metal structure to support the seat, in fact, the recycled polyamide fiber glass has the characteristic of being corrosionproof and extremely durable. Its versatility allows it to be compatible with all the OMSI seats, the simple and clean profile matches perfectly with any seat.  VERSION 1: M90-M2004-M2000-M2003-M2009-M2010-M2011 VERSION 2:  For seats model: M96 - M2008.  DIMENSIONS:
width 340 mm
depth 310 mm
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News – Chair for public spaces

The NEWS model is an ideal chair for public offices, workplaces, educational institutions and conference rooms. It has a hole with rounded edges in the backrest that facilitates the grip, making it easier to handle. The surface finish is non-slip and has no ribs, easy to sanitize with alcohol based solutions. Padded panels with fabric or simil leather covering can be applied to the seat and back. Tested to ANSI/BIFMA X5.1.2002
Overall dimensionsShell dimensions
height 870 mmheight 440 mm
width 520 mmwidth 475 mm
depth 520 mmdepth 500 mm
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S18 – Nursery and kindergarten chair

The S18 chair is made of first choice polypropylene, Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, it is perfect for nursery and kindergartens, its height can be increased with a simple replacement of the lower feet  (supplied  in kits) made out of scratch-proof plastic material.  Particularly strong, with round edges to prevent possible injuries, easily washable.  The shell favours a correct and restful posture.  Available in a wide range of colors. Dimension: cm 31 x 30 x h 47/51 - Seat height 26/31 cm Tested to comply with EN 1729   Contact us

S20 – Kindergarten chair

The S20 seat has been especially designed for nursery and kindergarten, it is made of first choice polypropylene, on a 4 legs tubular metal frame 22 mm dia., modern design, strong and easy to handle thanks to the central hole. The anatomic shell guarantees a comfortable and correct posture,its color matching the plastic feet which are supplied anti-noise and anti-slip on request.  Stackable and complying with the new European standards EN1729. The edges are rounded granting the child’s safety and the surface is smooth to facilitate cleaning. AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: Size 1: Dimension: 28,5 x 30 x 52 h x 26 h Size 2: Dimension: 28,5 x 30 x 57 h x 31 h     Contact us

News 3.0

The new frontier of school education, a new seating concept that meets  the most modern didactic needs. The polypropylene shell is assembled on to a large swivel base that allows the storage of bags or backpacks, in the backrest there is a central grip hole to facilitate movement, easily sanitizable finishing with alcohol-based solutions, writing tablet with swivel arm for use on both right and left side. Wide choice of shell colors.
  • Certified 1729: 2016 1-2
  • Certified for Second Life Plastic - MixEco
Dimension: 630 x 720 x 870 h     Contact us