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The new frontier of school education, a new seating concept that meets  the most modern didactic needs. The polypropylene shell is assembled on to a large swivel base that allows the storage of bags or backpacks, in the backrest there is a central grip hole to facilitate movement, easily sanitizable finishing with alcohol-based solutions, writing tablet with swivel arm for use on both right and left side. Wide choice of shell colors.
  • Certified 1729: 2016 1-2
  • Certified for Second Life Plastic - MixEco
Dimension: 630 x 720 x 870 h     Contact us

S30 / S40 – Primary and secondary school chairs

Especially designed for primary and secondary school, these chairs are made with first choice polypropylene, on a 4 legs tubular metal frame 22 mm dia., modern design, strong and easy to handle thanks to the central hole. The shell is anatomic, its color matching the color of the plastic feet, supplied noiseless and antislipping upon request   It is stackable and grants a comfortable and correct posture. The edges are rounded respecting the child’s safety and the surface is smooth to facilitate cleaning. Complying with the new European standards EN1729. S30 Size 3: Dimensions: 35 x 36 x 66 h x 35 h Size 4: Dimensions: 35 x 36 x 69 h x 38 h S40 Size 5: Dimensions: 42 x 46 x 77 h x 43 h Size 6: Dimensions: 42 x 46 x 80 h x 46 h     Contact us

S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 – School chairs

This series of chairs with different sizes and heights have been specially designed to follow the kid’s growth, its ergonomic design  grants correct posture and supports the spinal column.  Comfortable, safe, practical, strong and easy to clean and stack. Polypropylene shell, available in several colors. 4 legs chromed metal frame , diameter 18 mm.  4 legs metal frame not AVAILABLE in stock  Minimum order quantity 500 pieces per size


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CUBEAU – Polypropilene trays container

CUBEAU can be an original alternative to the classic wooden cabinet, as it easily adapts to any reality and thanks to its composition in modules and its versatility it is possible to create multiple furnishing solutions:
  • Column
  • Shelf
  • Partition
  • Island
  • Seat
  • Pouf with pillow
  • Toys Box 
It has been designed with special attention to safety, in fact all the modules are fixed to the wall and between them by means of screws and the guides have a locking system; It is non-toxic, robust and 100% recyclable. It is characterized by a basic, clean and compact style, the lines are simple and modern, the edges are rounded to prevent any injury, available in a wide choice of colors and combinations between Cubeau and trays of several different sizes and shapes Size: 41x 43 x 43h cm Tested according to: EN 16121:2013     Contact us

Storage trays

Practical and resistant multipurpose polypropylene trays, specially designed for a practical and efficient organization of materials in the school, work or home environment, available in different heights,  wide range of colors, eventually customizable with a logo.
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Hide – Folding table

Hide is a sturdy folding table with a painted steel structure Ø 28 mm and a melamine  top with ABS edge.  The handling and stacking of this table allows the most functional use of the available  spaces, making it perfect for parties, events, weddings, catering, gardens and balconies.  Very easy to fold and transport thanks to the special trolley with 4 wheels, 2 of which  are swivel and equipped with brake.


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School desks for primary and secondary schools

School desks made up of sturdy tubular legs, 20 mm thick melamine wood tops in different sizes, edges in solid wood or abs. Antislipping, anti-rust and shockproof feet. Polypropylene or metal storage drawers for teaching material available in different heights. Single and double desk available 


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Shaped desks

Lightweight and sturdy desks, with shaped top, are an innovative and flexible furnishing solution, the result of a careful study on the current needs of 3.0 schools to have a single workstation optimized for group work, within environments where space must be easily and constantly remodeled. Their shape allows the creation of islands with 6 tables taking up little space. Two models available: with fixed top (BT) and with folding top (BR) BT version Dimensions: cm 76 x 58 x 64-71-76 h BR version Dimensions: cm 84 x 56 x 76 h


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Anthropometric desk for disabled students

Single-seater desk with adjustable elevation and inclination with birch multilaminated top 90x65cm. Tubular frame Ø 45 mm thickness 2 mm. Upper joint part made of a square tube size 35x2 mm, shaped in order to avoid obstructions to the disabled user. Four adjustable feet to get better stability, two wheels recessed inside the tube, which allow the teaching staff to easily move the desk from a classroom to another. The upper side height can be adjusted by means of a two chromed and calibrated columns sliding inside two high strength PVC bushes, driven by a removable crank, which allows a millimetric regulation of the working top from 62 to 85 cm. Adjustable inclination by means of an endless screw controlled by a side-mounted recessed crank, which allows an inclination from 0° to 25°. The gradual adjustment allows meeting any ergonomic and visual requirement of the desk’s user. The top is made with an accentuated recess towards the inside to allow the support of the forearms of the disabled student. The perimeter of the worktop has a Ø 18 tube border that prevents objects from accidentally falling, it is also equipped with a pencil holder in the upper part and a graduated ruler in the lower side.   Contact us

Multipurpose desks

Strong and practical multipurpose desks, designed to meet the needs of a dynamic environment, a place where very different situations and activities can coexist. Perimetric structure in rectangular tube 40x20x1.5 mm Legs in round tube Ø 40x1.5 mm Epoxy powder painting. Available in different sizes: B60 160x80 cm B60 90x90 cm B60 120x80 cm B60 140x80 cm B60 180x80 cm B60 200x80 cm   Contact us

BP20 – Teacher’s desk

Solid teacher’s desk, with perimetric rectangular tube frame 40 x 20 x1,5 mm, round tube legs Ø 40 x1,5 mm. Epoxy powder coating. Legs panels and drawers in chipboard mm. 20 2 sliding drawers with back stop.  Lock on top drawer. Handles on both drawers. Dimensions: cm 130x70x76 H


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School boards

Sturdy and light aluminium supporting structure , fixed or revolving structure, writable surface in porcelain steel (on request it is possible to have squares, lines or pentagram); aluminum frame and chalk holder. Great variety of types and sizes.   Contact us