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S18 – Nursery and kindergarten chair

The S18 chair is made of first choice polypropylene, Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, it is perfect for nursery and kindergartens, its height can be increased with a simple replacement of the lower feet  (supplied  in kits) made out of scratch-proof plastic material.  Particularly strong, with round edges to prevent possible injuries, easily washable.  The shell favours a correct and restful posture.  Available in a wide range of colors. Dimension: cm 31 x 30 x h 47/51 - Seat height 26/31 cm Tested to comply with EN 1729   Contact us

S20 – Kindergarten chair

The S20 seat has been especially designed for nursery and kindergarten, it is made of first choice polypropylene, on a 4 legs tubular metal frame 22 mm dia., modern design, strong and easy to handle thanks to the central hole. The anatomic shell guarantees a comfortable and correct posture,its color matching the plastic feet which are supplied anti-noise and anti-slip on request.  Stackable and complying with the new European standards EN1729. The edges are rounded granting the child’s safety and the surface is smooth to facilitate cleaning. AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES: Size 1: Dimension: 28,5 x 30 x 52 h x 26 h Size 2: Dimension: 28,5 x 30 x 57 h x 31 h     Contact us

B18 – Tables for nursery and kindergarten

Strong and safe tables with bilaminate top with rounded ABS edges, polypropylene legs equipped with lower black feet in two different sizes in order to vary the height of the table from 46 to 52 cm accordingly Certified to comply with EN 1729 1-2 Dimensions: SQUARE TABLE: cm 65 x 65 – h cm.46/52 RECTANGULAR TABLE: cm 130 x 65 – h cm. 46/52   Contact us

B18 – Shaped tables for nursery and kindergarten

Strong and safe tables with bilaminate top with rounded ABS edges, polypropylene legs equipped with lower black feet in two different sizes in order to vary the height of the table from 46 to 52 cm accordingly The classrooms can be set up with multiple compositions thanks to the different shapes available.   Contact us

Kids bed for nursery and kindergarten

Comfortable, light, stackable and easily movable cot.
It is composed of a metal structure and soft, non-toxic, breathable fabric, easily washable and sanitizable, complete with sturdy plastic feet.
All edges are rounded to avoid possible trauma.
Supplied assembled Size: 130 x 56 x 12 cm


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CUBEAU – Polypropilene trays container

CUBEAU can be an original alternative to the classic wooden cabinet, as it easily adapts to any reality and thanks to its composition in modules and its versatility it is possible to create multiple furnishing solutions:
  • Column
  • Shelf
  • Partition
  • Island
  • Seat
  • Pouf with pillow
  • Toys Box 
It has been designed with special attention to safety, in fact all the modules are fixed to the wall and between them by means of screws and the guides have a locking system;  It is non-toxic, robust and 100% recyclable. It is characterized by a basic, clean and compact style, the lines are simple and modern, the edges are rounded to prevent any injury, available in a wide choice of colors and combinations between Cubeau and trays of several different sizes and shapes Size: 41x 43 x 43h cm Tested according to: EN 16121:2013     Contact us

Storage trays

Practical and resistant multipurpose polypropylene trays, specially designed for a practical and efficient organization of materials in the school, work or home environment, available in different heights,  wide range of colors, eventually customizable with a logo.
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Wooden trays storage unit

Modular cabinet with structure in Cat. 1 melamine-faced chipboard. European standard EN 717 and EN 120 adjustable shelves, 3 mm thick ABS hinged doors. Cabinet doors eventually avaialable in pastel colors of the same material, in different shapes and configurations depending on needs. Z10 Size cm 115 x 100 h x 40 Z20 Size cm 115 x 162 h x 40    

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Wall coats hanger

Wall coats hanger with high resistance polypropylene hooks, with reinforcement ribs, rounded edges to avoid damages and accidental collisions, available in a wide range of colors. Beech-colored chipboard panel 22 cm thick, prearranged with holes for anchors fixing to the wall. Modules with 7/5/2 hooks.   Contact us

Coats stand

Coat stand with umbrella holder, modern and elegant line, ideal to be placed at the entrance of waiting rooms, offices, professional offices and shops; frame finishings available: chromed or black painted.

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Wastepaper basket

In respect of the environment, the waste paper recycling bins are  essential in every office or school.  They are stable, practical and strong, made of polypropylene, easy to keep clean thanks to their essential shape, available in the 4 corresponding colors:  green - yellow - brown - blue  Metal holder also available if required.  

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