60 years of quality.

Leader in national and international markets, OMSI has been involved in the manufacturing and installation of plastic seating for over 60 years.

Since 1961 in Zola Predosa. 

Founded in 1961 in Zola Predosa, an industrial area of Bologna, the company has always been characterized by its ambitious and concrete spirit, which has proven to be successful.

Sport is our specialty.

OMSI is  leader in furnishing stadiums and sports facilities, offering only products of the highest quality.

International, since 2002. 

Since 2002 OMSI has been part of the TWINS group, the number 1 in the world in the production of plastic components for seats, present in five continents.


CREATING innovative and tailor-made solutions, favoring quality and aesthetics, combining high technical level and sustainability.
BRINGING the Italian style to the world, with a wide selection of constantly evolving proposals
by collaborating with renowned and prestigious designers.



OMSI develops tailor-made projects designed on the needs of the Customer, making use of professionals with experience in the engineering field and undertakes collaborations with world-famous Design Houses, guaranteeing products that are always in line with current regulations.

Our team is able to provide seats for sport facilities at 360 °, schools and public spaces, complying with the customers requirements in all 5 continents. OMSI offers design solutions with particular attention to combining strength and comfort, ensuring high-level products.


OMSI has always produced eco-sustainable quality products: its production processes are based on advanced technologies that respect the environment and, in addition to the choice of ecofriendly materials, constantly invests considerable funds and resources for the recycling of polypropylene and polyamide.


OMSI manufactures its products on the Italian territory and promotes the MADE IN ITALY brand in the world. OMSI uses high quality raw materials to guarantee a finished product of the highest level, for this reason, we only use ISO 9001: 2015 certified suppliers; we are constantly looking for commercial flexibility that allows us to give an appropriate feedback to specific customer requests.

Production takes place through the use of ultra modern machinery, using both injection and blow moulding technology, with highly specialized personnel; we are able to produce thousands of pieces daily always guaranteeing a high quality standard. Our internal quality control department tests the mechanical resistance of the products in order to obtain a trial test that is as truthful as possible.


Omsi seats are installed in the most prestigious sports facilities and public and private structures in Italy and in the world.

We can provide our assistance directly or throughout our global network